Samsung GALAXY S6 SM-G920R Battery Replacement Kit with Tools, Video Instructions, Extended Life Battery and Full One Year Warranty

Revive your Samsung GALAXY S6 SM-G920R with this 2550 mAh, High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery in the NewPower99 Battery Replacement Kit that works in your Samsung GALAXY S6 SM-G920R mobile phone. You get a New Battery, FREE Special Tools (necessary for installation), Video Instructions, AND You also get a full ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee exclusively when you purchase from us!

  • Galaxy S6 SM-G920R TD-LTE
  • SCH-J510
  • SCV31
  • SGH-N520
  • SM-G920
  • SM-G9200
  • SM-G9208
  • SM-G9208/SS
  • SM-G9209
  • SM-G920A
  • SM-G920D
  • SM-G920F
  • SM-G920FD
  • SM-G920I
  • SM-G920P
  • SM-G920R
  • SM-G920R4
  • SM-G920S
  • SM-G920T
  • SM-G920V
  • SM-G920W8
  • SM-G920X
  • Zero F